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Расчет расстояния между городами

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КАРАВАНЦЕНТР. Автодома, жилые прицепы. Продажа аренда кемперов
Страхование Зеленая карта Green Card ОСАГО КАСКО Страхование путешественников
President of Russia
Russia Hotels, Tourism and Travel Information

Недвижимость в Карелии. Земельный участок на берегу озера. Дом с участком на Онежском озере.
Development of a route
17-05-2006 Development of a route of automobile travel.

Our travel agency founds the activity on maximum attentive relation to our clients.

We can offer you maps of highways during all route.

Also we make a detailed map of your individual route. If necessary we shall give the information on some sites of a route in territory of Russia, Europe with scale down to 1 km.

On a detailed map (the circuit of a route) developed specially for you we shall specify sights, distance between cities and points of a route, average time in ways, the charge of fuel, complexity of a route, etc.

At drawing up of a route we take into account also physical loadings of the driver and the passenger. Short stops ("to knead foots") both breaks for a dinner and rest are taken into account also.

Budgetary planning of trip one of the most important components of preparation for autoround. At drawing up of the budget of trip we shall consult you how many will make charges on a meal, residing, payment of roads, fuel.

All calculations prepare in view of features of the countries on a route. Proceeding from your wishes, we shall order hotels, campings or we shall work a question on presence of possible places for spending the night in the machine. Besides, on each site of a route there will be an information on phones of special services (First aid (03), Militia and DPS* (02), etc.) the contact information on the nearest stations of the technical help.

The information will contain in the brochure on your route. The brochure will contain all the most necessary on your route, including quotations of operators of cellular communication, cost of gasoline in this or that country where it is possible to have a meal that it is possible to look.

* DPS - road patrol service (traffic police)

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    Автопутешествие по Средней Азии. 27.06.2008 – 02.08.2008. Памир - Алтай 2008.
    Средняя Азия 2008. Россия – Казахстан (Аральское море, Малое море) – Узбекистан (Ташкент, озеро Чарвак, Самарканд, Бухара) – Таджикистан (Душанбе, Хорог, Памир) – Киргизстан (Бишкек, озеро Иссык-Куль) – Казахстан (Алма-Ата, озеро Балхаш) – Россия (Алтай, озеро Телецкое). Более 16.000. км, 37 дней.

    Фотохронология поездки Средняя Азия. Памир - Алтай 2008.

    Карта Москвы

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